Jul 18, 2014, You Ask - We Answer

You Ask, We Answer: July 17, 2014 by Nevyana Karakasheva

This Friday we are delving into the beauty industry. Nelle was brave enough to share with us her traffic concerns regarding her skincare online store Scentrelle. Here are some interesting optimization tips that a business owner in her shoes should definitely take into account. Meanwhile, if you are having any questions yourself and you can’t seem to resolve them, you could always drop us a line and ask for an advice. ... Read the post

May 09, 2014, Local SEO

You Ask, We Answer: May 9, 2014 by Nevyana Karakasheva

Our Friday Q&A post will discuss several issues that Jennifer Martin, a San Francisco Business Coach at Zest Business Consulting, was so kind to draw our attention to. Jennifer helps worldwide business managers and leaders build a thriving business and she has a pretty clear idea of the common difficulties they go through. ... Read the post

Oct 01, 2013, Link Building

Automating your Link Building Practices or How to Definitely Screw up Your Blogger Outreach by Nevyana Karakasheva

As technology advances in complexity and scope we are always trying to cut corners and outsource our tasks to the overwhelming variety of SEO tools available on the market. Guess what: Link Building and especially Guest Blogging is the one SEO process that you should definitely refrain from automating. Guest blogging focuses on the personal approach and as such it does take time and detailed research. ... Read the post