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You Ask, We Answer: July 17, 2014

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People Are Not Clicking On My Website – What Should I Do?

This Friday we are  delving into the beauty industry. Nelle  was brave enough to share with us her traffic concerns regarding her skincare online store Scentrelle. Here are some interesting optimization tips that a business owner in her shoes should definitely take into account.

Meanwhile, if you are having any questions yourself and you can’t seem to resolve them, you could always drop us a line and ask for an advice.  Just like Nelle did:

Q: I would like to ask the difference between why a search term/key word that is prevalent in my website will be searched in Google but why users do not click on my website. Is it too far down the search page? Is the description for my website not catchy enough?

Nevyana Karakasheva
Nevyana is focusing on Content Strategy and Backlink Profile improvement projects at OptiLocal. In her free time she enjoys reading fantasy novels, watching movies and Korean TV series, traveling near and far, but most of all she enjoys spending her time with friends on a pint of Guinness, or two.