Dealing with Google Places Duplicate Listings


A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article on Search Engine People named “How to Deal with Duplicate Listings on Google Places“. It was my second post as a guest blogger there after I wrote about Google Places verification workarounds. We agreed that I become a regular contributor for their blog, so now you could see my articles there every 8 weeks (only if you are really interested, of course).

Google Places Duplicate Solution

The current latest article that I have there includes some best practices for clearing up duplicates, as well as some information on the causes for the duplicates to appear along with the due diligence tips. Let me note that this is by no means a complete guide to dealing with duplicate listings on Google Places. The post covers the most common cases, however because of the limited space that the nature of a blog post provides, I didn’t go into too detailed of explanations and did not try to cover every possible scenario. If you need advice on some complicated issues with duplicates that happen to not be covered in my post, you can always shoot me an email :)

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