Why Local SEO Does Not End with Google Places


A few weeks ago I wrote an article for Don Campbell‘s Expand 2 Web blog. The article was named “Why Local SEO Does Not End with Google Places” and featured my thoughts on what actually local SEO is.

Recently I am noticing more and more people asking why their listing does not show up for some search queries. The simple explanation – it is not relevant, prominent, or closely located enough. At the same time, I see an increase in articles, which state that simply claiming a Place page and filling in the information correctly and completely would be enough to rank for virtually every search term. The truth – there are tens, hundreds, even thousands of other same industry businesses in the area of operation, and the places on page one are currently just 7. It is virtually impossible that all of them could show up.

I recommend the article to all who are now starting to discover how to market their small business online.

Read “Why Local SEO Does Not End with Google Places” by Nyagoslav Zhekov by clicking on the underscored title.

  1. Don Campbell
    Don Campbell09-12-2011

    That was a great article Nyagoslav, I had a lot of readers comment and ask me about it. Thanks for writing it!

    • Nyagoslav Zhekov
      Nyagoslav Zhekov09-13-2011

      Hi Don,
      Thanks for the provided opportunity. I hope in the near future I will find the inspiration to compile something more actionable :)

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