You Ask, We Answer: April 18, 2014

Not Ranking On Page One for Any of the Desired Keywords

Hi guys, here comes the second entry to our Q&A series where we address the online marketing questions of our readers. Whenever you have hard times popularizing your website online or you need a quick tip about the best SEO practices used for your industry, you can can drop us a line. We may select your question and give you some great insights for your online marketing strategy.

It’s that simple: you ask, we answer! And now let the Q&A begin:

Emily Duke grabbed our attention and we have decided to feature her question in our Friday Q&A column. Here is what troubles her:

Q: “I work for an e-commerce site called and we feature the best selection of natural colored diamonds, emeralds and jewelry. We are based in NYC’s Diamond District and offer excellent design services. We have never engaged in any black hat SEO tactics and have worked extremely hard to provide great content and develop a user friendly site. We launched the site about a year ago but we are still not ranking on page one for any of our keywords. We’d love to understand what is holding us back! We understand that authority is extremely important but it seems like a catch 22 in the SEO world -we need high authority sites to link to us, but if they cannot find our awesome content, how will they find us and trust to link to us (in an ethical way?)

A: Thanks for your question Emily,

I am glad that today’s topic is diamonds. Whether they are girl’s best friend or not – I cannot say, but I choose to trust you that the “Fancy Intense Blue diamond” on your website will sparkle “even more beautifully when contrasted against (my) skintone”. But let’s get to the point:

  • In my opinion you wrongly assume that due to the fact that you are not ranking high in the search results, the authority sites won’t find you and thus link to you. You should look the situation from a different perspective: when you are way behind in the searches you should get visible to those high quality sites and let them know that you are out there. You should not wait and hope for a reference from a random stranger that happens to have a great site. Instead you need to adopt a more proactive approach and start an outreach campaign. Set a specific goal first (how will you assess your success rate: by the increased traffic you get, by the new inbound links you receive, by the increase in sales within a given period, etc.) Target well the websites you wish to contact and their specific audiences. Decide on the message format that would best convey what you have to say (interview, press release, news story, product description, educational piece, etc.) Remember: do not rely on organic results as the only way to get in the sight of high authority sites, let them know you exist through a personal outreach. Your business is interesting enough to be able to create fascinating storylines, to offer engaging content, even to build long-term relationships with some publishers.  And I am not even referring to paid publications (though you might be requested by some to ”donate” a certain fee) – offer your own content and spend quality time creating and distributing it.
  • It is great that you have created a Pinterest account for your business – that is a fine approach to reach out to the masses (especially when the audience of the social network is predominately female). Keep it up!
  • Good job on the YouTube channel as well – it is good to try out different channels to reach out to your audience.
  • The press releases are less useful nowadays, because of the duplicate content they create and the diminished link value they have when published on PR websites.
  • However, the promo idea that you have communicated in PRWeb for instance (the PlayStation 4 Giveaway) is a keeper! It is a great way to engage people, increase traffic, attract new fans and to offer attractive rewards to your sworn customers. There is always a risk when organizing giveaways – to draw people who are only interested in free stuff, but every endeavor hides its challenges after all.
  • The “Gift Giving Holiday Guide” that you have released in Amazon is another really insightful move that brought you some publicity, if I am to judge by the related inbound links. It is essential that you have created content tailored to your mobile readers – going the extra mile to come up with something useful and intriguing for your target group is really important and it seems that you manage to do that with ease.
  • When contacting news sites – I’d recommend offering them unique content, because often times reporters are way too busy to write the article themselves and just like the case with your Amazon guide book release – the Internet will get spammed with duplicate texts that will eventually be pushed down in the searches and will not show at all thus will not help you as initially planned.
  • There is another thing that you should keep in mind – it might take longer for websites that are relatively new to climb up the search results.
  • Even if you are operating worldwide you could still put some efforts on your local presence (I can see that you have an office in NY). There is a Google local listing

    local diamond results

    of your company that needs to be optimized. So if we run a pretty basic search fordiamonds New Yorkwe can see the 7 pack of local results where your listing could very well try to compete (save from working on the organic results only). This is a niche worth exploring, so you’d better think it over. If you decide to pursue this opportunity you should start by optimizing your local listing, building NAP consistent citations of your business and improve your review gathering technique, which is a vital element of the process.

  • All in all your website is well indexed in Google. The anchor text of your inbound links is good and should not create any problems for your site (it is branded instead of exact match/keyword stuffed). You could focus on more high authority sites, though. The average authority of the linking sites does not have much high profile, at least the dofollow ones.
  • There are some onsite things that you should cover, but the positive thing is that you regularly post in your blog – fresh content is essential for every website. You might want to make your articles longer (you are doing great with the visuals, but try to be more wordy too). Focus on improving and adding further content to your pages – it will make a difference for sure. For instance add content on your home page, on your key category pages and so on.


I hope that the above tips will help your site “shine bright like a diamond” in the search results.  Let us know how that works out!

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