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On-site SEO

If you feel that it is high time your local business started capitalizing on its website like most of your friends', you need our On-site optimization service!

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Local Citation Building

We’ve partnered up with Local SEO leaders Whitespark to bring what we think is the best Citation Building Service out there! Quality and experience is what we are all about. Awesome, eh?

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Holistic Local SEO

We invoke a number of on-site, on-listing and off-site/off-listing practices to make sure that your business ranks well and stands out for locally-targeted search phrases (like “lawyers Boston”).

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What makes us different

OptiLocal is young!
OptiLocal is transparent!
OptiLocal is curious!

OptiLocal is young!

We are not telling the age of our female employees, but we are all pretty young! That is not to say inexperienced… that is to say ambitious and working hard to build on the capacities of OptiLocal every day!

OptiLocal is transparent!

Shoot a question at us about our processes, how our reports look like, anything - we've got nothing to hide; on the contrary - we'd like our clients to be as aware of the best practices that we use as possible!

OptiLocal is curious!

We like to fiddle with things, research into them and try to combine them in new ways. We pay attention to detail for the love of it and keep ourselves excited and striving for innovation!

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Hi there, SEO addicts! Have you heard that this October Google revealed why his ranking algorithms are getting harder to account for: get the popcorns ‘cause we will introduce you to Google’s AI project, the RankBrain!

This month Google is spreading his influence not only in the machine learning field but in the SERPs of other search engines just as effectively. And while Yahoo is becoming a monetization platform for Google, the most influential competitor of the search giant is sending off for good its publicly beloved leader. But getting sentimental about Danny Sullivan’s leave is absolutely futile. The rumor has it he is considering turning to the ‘Dark Side’ and becoming a regular SEO consultant just like many ex-Googlers have done so far.

So what else happened this October in SEO? Don’t worry, curiosity may have killed the cat, but let’s not forget that “satisfaction brought it back!”

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