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book cover Auditing Business Citation

Local SEO Ebook


Are your local rankings suffering heavy losses? You definitely need to verify that the online mentions of your business are correct. If your business Name, Address and Phone are not consistent on the web, and your company is associated with outdated or incorrect office addresses and phones, or even names, than you have a serious problem.

Your business citations, which is just the Local SEO term for the online mentions of your business, are vital for your local search rankings. As a responsive business owner you need to schedule a Citation Audit in case you have:

  • Changed your business name;
  • Changed the physical address of your business;
  • Changed your local business phone number;
  • Used a tracking phone number on your site or when building your business citations;
  • Used a toll-free number instead of a local number;
  • Doubts that Data aggregators have picked up incorrect or outdated information about your business;
  • Built business citations with no regard of maintaining NAP consistency.

The above-mentioned list reveals only a fraction of the reasons why your local citations might be inconsistent. Remember that local ranking drops are often associated with messy citations, so don’t overlook this aspect of your online marketing efforts.

Auditing your business citations might be a challenge, but thanks to our comprehensive step-by-step guide you would gain valuable insights as to how to perform a citation audit in-house.

Get professional know-how on a subject as important as your business citation consistency and take your local visibility in your own hands!

Local SEO Infographic

HOW TO GET ONLINE REVIEWS: Implementing a Review Acquisition Strategy

Do you need a tested strategy for gathering positive online reviews for your business?

Our book will walk you through the process and will offer actionable tips that you could implement immediately and that will double your efficiency in attracting customer reviews. It will also help you:

  • Learn why online customer reviews are usually referred to as ranking factors by Google and why they have such a big weight in Local SEO mechanics;
  • Grasp the relation between positive reviews and online conversions;
  • Once and for all master the art of asking for customer reviews: the how’s, when’s, do’s and don’ts are all listed for you to soak up on;
  • Understand:
    • How to prevent review deletion;
    • How to handle negative reviews;
    • Which review sites are best for your business to be referred at;
  • Educate your customers:
    • On how to leave a review of your business;
    • To review your business on more than a single review site.

Enhance your review gathering strategy thanks to our ebook and take control of your online brand reputation today!

Content Ebook

CONTENT CREATION STRATEGY for Multiple Location Businesses

Is your multi-location business struggling for online visibility? Do you feel that your on-site content strategy is simply not giving you the edge that your location pages need?

Our ebook will arm you with 15+ content strategy techniques to help you improve the content of your location landing pages. Each strategy is supported by a real-life example of a top-ranking (in Google) local business.

Diversifying the content of your landing pages, increasing their word count and usefulness to your site visitors are the goals to achieve on your way to higher search engine rankings and on-site conversions.

Enhance your landing pages beyond simply listing your NAP, additional contact details, working hours, driving directions, parking options, local customer reviews & testimonials. Borrow the creativity and ingenuity of the successful brands and come up with your own content strategy that reflects best your multiple location business!