Local Citation Building

(If you know all about Citation Building already – visit our new website specially dedicated for our citation building service HERE).

The three main pylons of local search are prominence, relevance, and distance. As it is more difficult to affect the latter two, the first one is the factor that gives you the opportunity to outrank your competition with a straightforward, quantitative campaign. The main strategy to gain prominence online is by creating “citations” for your business. Citations are mentions of the most important business information: name, address, phone number (NAP).

At OptiLocal, we specialize in local search marketing and we know how time-consuming it is to create citations on the hundreds of business directories out there. If you are tired of building citations for local search yourself and want a quick and professional service, we are the ri

ght partner for you. We will not require any of your time or attention – we will just need you to provide us all the relevant information for your office(s) (such as name, phone, address, website, description,etc.) and we will choose the best directories for your business. Our experience in the field has allowed us to accumulate various lists of top generic, local and niche citation directories that we can cross-reference to come up with the best solution for you.

Hence, we are proud to present you our brand new Local Citation Building website! Since we have been doing Citation Building for quite a while now and the demand has only been going up, we decided to make it easy for our customers and package our services into convenient Local & Niche Citati

on Building and General-purpose Citation building packages. Although these are meant to cover most needs that we can think of, there is also the Custom Citation Building Package which you can use to specify exactly the number and type of citations that you need. Last but not least, as you can see, the website is an e-shop so the checkout process should be fast and convenient.

All services are performed by our very own team. Check out our new Citation Building site now to take advantage of the great discounts and specials we’ve prepared for you!



Our main focus has always been to deliver our services at an affordable price, not compromising a tiny bit quality-wise. In that regard, each directory listing will be 100% completed and you will receive a detailed report including links to all the listings, as well as log in information for each directory. Additionally, we will inform you when the listings get approved for each particular website.

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