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Adding and Claiming a Yelp Business Listing

To maximize your online presence and expand customer reach, setting up a Yelp business listing is essential. Yelp serves as an excellent platform for small businesses and local consumers alike. It enables consumers to access valuable information to aid their decision-making process regarding a particular business, while businesses can gain insights into customers’ authentic feedback regarding their products or services. This blog post will cover everything you need to know about claiming or adding your Yelp business account.

What is Yelp?

Yelp is an extensively used online directory that assists enterprises in setting up a digital presence and furnishes users with reliable data about local businesses. With its expansive reach, Yelp can boost your visibility to potential customers and increase your SEO ranking. You’ll need to create or claim your Yelp business listing to get started.

How to Claim a Business on Yelp ?

To begin managing your listing and reviews on Yelp, claiming your business is a necessary step. Here are some simple  steps to help you do just that:

Claim a Business on Yelp

Step 1: Find Your Business on Yelp

If your business still needs to be listed on Yelp, you must create a new listing. This can be done by visiting the Yelp website and searching for your business name or address. If it doesn’t appear in the search results, click “Add a Business” at the bottom of the page. Fill out all of the required information and click “Submit” when finished. After submitting it, it may take up to 24 hours for your listing to appear on Yelp.

Step 2: Verify Your Information

Once you have submitted your business information to Yelp, they will send an email verification link to the email address associated with your account. You must click this link to verify that you are indeed the owner or manager of this business before proceeding any further with claiming it on their platform. Once verified, you will receive an additional confirmation message from them confirming that everything is correct and ready for claiming.

Step 3: Claim Your Listing

Now that everything has been verified correctly head back to Yelp and find your newly created profile page (it should show up within 24 hours). On this page, there should be a button labeled “Claim This Business” – click it and follow all instructions they give until completion. Congratulations – you have now successfully claimed ownership of your business’s profile page.

Step 4: Manage & Monitor Reviews & Ratings

Now that you have claimed ownership of your profile page, it is time to start managing & monitoring reviews & ratings left by customers about your establishment. To do so, head back into Yelp again – once logged in, look for a tab labeled ‘Reviews’ – here, you can see what people are saying about your establishment and respond and address any issues brought up if necessary. Additionally, use tools such as Google Alerts or Social Mention, which can help keep track of customer feedback online, even outside Yelp itself, so no stone goes unturned when dealing with customer satisfaction levels related directly to your business’s presence online.

What are the Benefits of Claiming a Business on Yelp?

Claiming a business on Yelp can offer several benefits, including:

1. Increase Your Visibility and Reach New Customers

Yelp can help you reach potential customers who wouldn’t have been able to find your business otherwise. With over 178 million monthly users, claiming your business on Yelp will allow you to be discovered by new local customers looking for what you offer, leading to more sales opportunities than ever before. Plus, 92% of those that visit your page purchase after visiting – so it’s an incredibly powerful tool for increasing visibility and bringing in new customers quickly.

2. Build Trust with Potential Customers:

Online reviews are trusted as much as personal recommendations when making a purchase – nearly 90% of consumers trust them. Positive customer reviews on Yelp are key for building trust with potential customers, leading to increased conversions and sales. Furthermore, businesses that actively respond to customer feedback show higher ratings from their reviewers than those that don’t– responding quickly is essential if you want your ratings (and therefore trust) to stay high.

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3. Get a Boost in Marketing ROI

A great way of measuring success is through return on investment (ROI). Studies have shown that businesses with higher reviews grow the most revenue; investing time into managing your online presence could pay off big-time down the line. Additionally, since using Yelp doesn’t cost anything upfront or require any contracts or commitments – it’s low risk but a potentially very high-reward marketing strategy that any small business should consider taking advantage of today.

4. Free To Use For Businesses And Consumers

Last but not least – one of the best things about using Yelp is its free nature; there are no hidden fees or costs associated with setting up an account or getting listed on the platform – both businesses and consumers can use it without spending a dime. This makes it perfect for startups and small businesses who may not have large marketing budgets yet still need access to effective tools like this – giving everyone equal access regardless of size or budget constraints they may face elsewhere in their operations.

Finally, after confirming ownership via email verification, it is important to regularly check the inbox associated with this Yelp account for any customer feedback or other notifications related to running this particular account. This way, one can stay informed and up-to-date when responding on time.

How to add a New Yelp Business Listing ?

Adding a new Yelp business listing is important in creating a successful local marketing strategy. It’s essential to ensure that your business is listed correctly and accurately on the popular review site. This will help customers find you more easily and increase your visibility online.

Step 1: Add Your Business Listing 

To add your business listing to Yelp, go to the website and click “Add A Business” at the top of the page. You’ll then be prompted to enter basic information about your company, such as its name, address, phone number, hours of operation, etc. Once you’ve filled out all these fields with accurate information, click “Continue.”

Step 2: Enter Your Business Information 

After adding your basic info to Yelp’s system, it’s time to provide additional details about what makes your business unique. This includes uploading photos or videos showcasing your company’s products or services; writing a detailed description about what sets you apart from competitors; selecting relevant categories for categorizing purposes; providing contact information for customer service inquiries; and setting up payment options if applicable.

Step 3: Confirm Your Email Address 

Once you’ve entered all of the necessary information for completing your profile on Yelp, it’s time to confirm ownership of the account via email verification. An email will be sent containing a link that must be clicked for confirmation to take place successfully once done so successfully, you can now begin managing reviews associated with this account!

Step 4: Check Your Email Inbox 

Finally, after confirming ownership via email verification, make sure that you check back regularly on any emails received through Yelp regarding customer feedback or other notifications related directly to running this particular account (such as changes made). This way, one can stay informed and updated when responding quickly & efficiently when needed!

Tips for Managing Your Yelp Page

  • Accurate Business Information

It’s essential to ensure your business information is up-to-date on Yelp. Ensure your description, address, operating hours, and contact details are all correct. This will help customers find you easily when searching for businesses in your area—keywords: Yelp listing, business information, description, address, operating hours.

  • Profile Photo

Stand out from the competition by adding a fun profile photo that catches people’s eye. Think outside the box – instead of using a logo, try something representing your business, such as a signature dish or storefront image. Keywords: Profile photo, stand out from the competition.

  • More Photos

Adding more photos can be beneficial too. People remember 55% more if it’s paired with an image, so why not showcase what makes you unique? Show off products or community events – anything that tells visitors who you are and what you do best. Keywords: More photos; visual content; showcase uniqueness.

  • Respond to Reviews

Reviews come hand in hand with running a local business on Yelp – both good and bad ones should be responded to professionally and promptly. Remember to leverage those stellar reviews by sharing them elsewhere, like social media, or even use them in the paid ad copy. Keywords: Responding to reviews; leveraging reviews; social media posts

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FAQs about How to add or Claim a Yelp Business Listing

To claim ownership of a Yelp business, create an account on the Yelp website. Once you have created your account, locate the business you want to manage and click “Claim this Business”. Click “Claim this Business” and follow the instructions provided by Yelp to verify that you are indeed an authorized representative of the company or organization. After verification, you can access all features associated with managing a business profile on Yelp, including responding to customer reviews and updating information about your business.

Yelp is a popular platform for local businesses to gain exposure, but it can be difficult to claim your business. This is because Yelp verifies all claims and only allows the actual business owner or authorized representative to change the listing. To validate the accuracy of the information and thwart any fraudulent activity, Yelp requires documents such as proof of ownership or valid identification to confirm that you are indeed the legitimate owner. If these requirements are unmet, claiming your business will be impossible.

Claiming your business on Yelp effectively establishes a web presence, enabling you to manage and respond to customer reviews, add photos and information about services, and promote special offers. Doing so allows you to manage and respond to customer reviews, add photos and information about your services, and showcase special offers. Additionally, Yelp’s algorithms favor businesses that are claimed and actively managed; this can help improve visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Claiming your business on Yelp also provides insight into how customers interact with it, which can be used for further optimization of the website.

Yelp does not charge to claim a business listing. Creating an account and managing a business listing on Yelp is free. However, Yelp does offer various paid advertising options that may be of interest to local businesses looking to increase visibility and reach more potential customers.


Adding or claiming a Yelp business listing can increase your visibility and reach potential customers. Having an active Yelp profile can be advantageous for your online visibility, and it may also generate trust with people searching for reliable services in their vicinity. With the right optimization strategies, you can maximize the benefits of having an active Yelp profile visible on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Take control of your business’s online presence with OptiLocal. Our expert team can help you add or claim a Yelp Business Listing quickly and efficiently, so you can start gaining visibility in the local market.

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