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The Complete Guide to Getting Facebook Reviews

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms on the Internet. It’s estimated that Facebook has more than 2.6 billion monthly active users. Using Facebook messenger, customers and prospective customers can engage with the business by liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts. You can also use it to communicate with them directly. They can also leave reviews (or recommendations) to show their satisfaction with your services. According to Moz, reviews are the third-largest factor determining local search ranking. This blog post will provide you with valuable insights into managing Facebook reviews, including how to enable them on your business page and collect customer feedback.

Facebook Reviews

What do You Need to Know About Facebook Reviews?

Facebook reviews are ratings and recommendations customers leave on a business’s page to share their experience with the company. They can be either positive or negative, depending on how satisfied the customer is with their purchase. Customers can also leave comments along with their ratings, which gives other potential customers more insight into what they can expect from the business. Reviews appear in a few places on your page, including Timeline posts, Recommendations tab, and Ads Manager Insights tab.

Why Are They Important ?

Facebook reviews are important because they provide social proof for potential customers considering doing business with you. Studies have shown that 92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision – this means that if your reviews aren’t up to par, you could be losing out on valuable leads and sales opportunities. Additionally, since 2018 Facebook has switched from an overall star rating system to a binary one (Recommend, Don’t Recommend). This means all of your old reviews are factored in as part of your Recommendation Score, so it’s even more important now than ever before to ensure you’re actively managing and responding to customer feedback about your business.

How to Set Up Facebook Reviews for Your Business

Establishing reviews for your business on Facebook is crucial in creating an effective digital presence. By enabling the review tab on your page, customers can leave feedback about their experiences with your business. Here’s how to get started:

First, create a Facebook Business page. This will be the hub of all customer interactions and reviews related to your business on the world’s biggest social network. Once you have created a page, activate the Review tab by navigating to “Settings > General > Reviews” and clicking “Enable Reviews”.

Once enabled, customers can begin leaving reviews right away. Provide customers with easy access to your review section on social media by supplying them with direct links or widgets that can be embedded. Also, encourage customers who had positive experiences with your business to leave good feedback by including calls-to-action in emails or receipts that direct them back to your Facebook page.

How Do Facebook Recommendations Work?

Facebook Recommendations are great for businesses to get the word out about their services. They allow customers to share their experiences with other potential customers and can help increase brand awareness and loyalty. Regarding getting recommendations on Facebook, there are two main types: User-generated requests and direct questions from Facebook.

  • User-Generated Requests

These are when users post in their feed asking for recommendations of products or services they need (e.g., a local handyman). Other users can then respond with suggestions of local solutions that fit the bill. This is an effective way of spreading word-of-mouth marketing as people tend to trust reviews from friends more than from strangers or companies. It also helps build relationships between businesses and consumers as it allows them to interact directly with each other through comments and messages related to the recommendation request.

  • Direct Questions From Facebook

This type of recommendation occurs when Facebook asks if a consumer recommends a business they’ve used, giving them the option of a yes or no answer. If enough people recommend your business positively, this will be reflected in your page’s overall rating, which could attract more customers who may have been hesitant before seeing positive feedback from others who have already tried your product service first-hand.

Devise Your Review Request Strategy

Facebook Recommendations are an important part of any local marketing strategy. They provide potential customers with a glimpse into your business’s quality and can help boost your online presence. To get the most out of Facebook Reviews, it’s important to devise a review request strategy that works for you.

  • Email

Email is one way to ask customers for reviews on Facebook. After delivering a product or service, send an email with a link to your Facebook page and instructions on leaving a review in the ‘Reviews’ tab. Make sure you thank them for their purchase and encourage them to share their experience if they were satisfied with what they received from you.

  • SMS

SMS is another effective method when asking customers for reviews on Facebook – especially as SMS open rates are incredibly high! Include your Facebook Page link in the message so that people can easily click through and leave feedback directly on your page without having to search around too much.

  • Share a post on your page

Share stories and post about why customer feedback matters, explain how easy it is to leave a review (including screenshots), and remind people that their opinion counts! Sharing positive reviews with your social media followers is a quick and effective way to encourage more reviews. Consider including a link to a video or image in your posts that demonstrates how to write a review.

Tips for Responding to Positive Reviews

  • Acknowledge the Reviewer

It is important to recognize and acknowledge your customer’s effort in taking time out of their day to leave you a positive review. Let them know that you appreciate their kind words and are grateful for their support by thanking them personally for leaving a review or sharing feedback about your business. This will help build trust with potential customers as they can see that you care about what others think of your company and take customer satisfaction seriously.

  • Show Gratitude for Their Support

Showing gratitude towards customers who have left positive reviews helps foster loyalty and encourages other customers to share similar experiences with your business. You can express this appreciation through simple gestures such as offering discounts or free product services in exchange for reviews or sending thank-you notes via email or social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

  • Offer a Personalized Response

When responding to positive reviews, it is important to offer personalized responses rather than generic ones so that each reviewer feels appreciated and valued as an individual customer. Try using specific details from the review, such as mentioning particular services they enjoyed or how much they liked certain features of your product service when replying – this will make them feel special and encourage them to continue being loyal customers. Additionally, if possible try adding humor to your response – this will make it more relatable and engaging which could lead to further engagement on social media platforms such as likes shares etc.

Tips for Responding to Negative Reviews

  • Respond Quickly and Professionally

The first step to responding to negative reviews is to respond quickly, preferably within 24 hours of the review being posted. This shows customers that you take their feedback seriously, even if they are unhappy with your product or service. When crafting a response, make sure to remain professional in both tone and language; this will help maintain your company’s reputation online. Additionally, try not to be overly defensive; instead, focus on how you can improve customer experience going forward.

  • Avoid Arguing or Taking it Personally

It can be difficult when someone posts a negative review about your business, but arguing back won’t help the situation. Instead of arguing with the reviewer, use the opportunity for growth by understanding why they were dissatisfied with your product service to prevent similar issues from occurring again. Remember – no matter how frustrated you may feel – keep calm and don’t take it personally.

  • Keep Your Tone Positive and Respectful

Regardless of your response, always remember that a negative review does not define who you are as a business owner or employee, so stay positive throughout the process. Additionally, thank them for taking time out of their day to leave feedback – even if it wasn’t positive – as this will show potential customers that you value customer input regardless of whether it’s good or bad. Finally, try using phrases such as “I apologize for any inconvenience caused” rather than “I’m sorry if…” which implies blame on them rather than yourself – something which could further damage relationships between customers and businesses alike.

How to Manage Your Facebook Reviews

Here are some steps to manage Facebook reviews effectively

  • 1. Monitor Your Reviews

Monitoring your reviews is essential for any business that wants to maintain a positive online presence. With review management services like Birdeye, you can track all your Facebook reviews in one place and get notified whenever someone posts a new review about your business. This way, you’ll never miss an opportunity to respond and thank customers who have left positive feedback or address any issues with unhappy customers quickly.

  • 2. Take Negative Reviews Seriously

Negative reviews should always be taken seriously – no matter how small the issue may seem at first glance – because even one bad experience can cause long-term damage to your reputation if not addressed properly by responding promptly with empathy and understanding towards the customer’s situation without getting defensive or argumentative in any way. 

  • 3. Use Positive Reviews To Your Advantage

Positive reviews are just as important as negative ones since they provide valuable insight into what makes people enjoy doing business with you. Take advantage of these excellent experiences by broadcasting them across multiple channels such as social media outlets like Twitter and Instagram, email campaigns, blogs, etc., so more individuals become aware of how outstanding it is to collaborate with your organization over time which will eventually result in higher sales down the line.

FAQs about The Complete Guide to Facebook Reviews

To read all reviews on Facebook, navigate to the business page you wish to review. On the left-hand side, click “Reviews” and scroll down until you reach the section titled “All Reviews”. Here, you can observe a compilation of all evaluations posted regarding that business – both favorable and unfavorable – along with their scores and remarks. If available, it is possible to refine the reviews further by selecting specific criteria, such as date or rating. Customers can also reach out to particular reviewers for more details about their experiences with the business by visiting their profile pages.

Facebook Reviews is a feature that allows customers to rate and review businesses on Facebook. It allows users to leave ratings from one star (lowest) to five stars (highest). The reviews are then visible on the business’s page, providing potential customers with valuable information about the services’ quality. Additionally, businesses can respond directly to customer reviews to address any issues or concerns they may have had. This gives businesses and customers a chance to build better relationships and supply feedback that can be utilized for future development.


The complete guide to Facebook Reviews has shown that having a strong presence on this platform is essential for local businesses. Setting up reviews, encouraging customers to leave positive feedback, and responding appropriately to negative comments can all help build trust with potential customers and increase your reach. Utilizing an effective plan can help you take full advantage of Facebook Reviews for your company.

Take control of your online reputation with OptiLocal‘s comprehensive guide to Facebook reviews. Leverage our expertise in local marketing and optimize your presence on the world’s largest social media platform today!

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