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How to Get More Roofing Leads for Your Business

Discovering how to get more roofing leads for your business is crucial in today’s competitive market. As a business owner or digital marketer, staying informed on the best approaches and methods to stand out from competitors is key. This comprehensive guide will explore some proven methods to generate quality roofing leads for your company. By utilizing these strategies, you can gain more customers and build a solid reputation in the roofing industry.

Get More Roofing Leads

Understanding Roofing Leads

A roofing lead refers to a potential customer interested in hiring a professional roofer for their project. There are different kinds of roof leads, such as residential or commercial clients, storm damage repairs, or regular maintenance jobs. Knowing the types of leads helps target marketing efforts effectively.

Residential roofing leads

Residential roofing leads involve homeowners looking for roof installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services. To generate more residential roofing leads for your business, focus on creating informative content that educates homeowners about common roofing issues and solutions while showcasing your expertise in the industry.

Commercial roofing leads

Commercial roofing leads, on the other hand, come from businesses seeking professional assistance with their commercial properties’ roofs. These projects may include flat roofs or specialized materials like metal or TPO membranes. Target this audience by highlighting your experience working with various commercial buildings and offering tailored solutions that cater specifically to their needs.

Storm damage repair leads

In areas prone to severe weather conditions like hailstorms and hurricanes, storm damage repair leads bear significant importance for local roofers. Homeowners affected by these events often require urgent assistance repairing damaged roofs before further complications arise due to water intrusion or structural instability. Offer prompt response times and emergency services to attract potential customers facing storm-related damages.

Methods to Get More Leads For Your Business

#1. Google Map Pack 

The Google Map Pack is an essential feature within local search results that displays nearby businesses based on the searcher’s location. According to statistics, the 3-Pack appears for 93% of local searches, demonstrating its potential reach for businesses. For more visibility, claim or create a free listing via Google My Business (GMB). Ensure all business details such as name, address, phone number, and website URL are correct and up-to-date. Add relevant categories to your listing and encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on your GMB profile.

  • Claim or create a Google My Business listing: Ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Add relevant categories: Select appropriate business categories related to roofing services.
  • Gather customer reviews: Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive feedback on your GMB profile for better online reputation management.

In addition to SEO techniques and local targeting strategies like Google Map Pack optimization, consider creating engaging content, such as blog posts or videos, that showcase the quality of your work. This will improve search engine rankings and help establish trust with potential customers who visit your site. Furthermore, don’t forget about link building – acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable sources can significantly boost organic traffic levels.

#2. Facebook Ads 

In the competitive roofing industry, exploring various marketing channels to generate leads effectively is essential. One such channel is Facebook advertising, which allows you to create highly targeted ad campaigns that cater to your ideal customer profile. You can use Facebook Lead Ads to grab contact information on the spot.

Facebook Ads Get More Leads roofing

 Combining Facebook Ads with organic and paid SEO strategies allows you to take advantage of advanced features not available through organic SEO alone. To start with Facebook advertising for your roofing business, begin by defining your target audience based on location, demographics, and interests. For example:

  • Location: Focus on specific neighborhoods or areas where potential clients need roofing services.
  • Demographics: Consider targeting homeowners within a particular age range or income bracket more likely to require roof repairs or replacements.
  • Interests: Identify hobbies or activities that align with the typical client profile for a roofer (e.g., home improvement enthusiasts).

This level of targeting ensures that your ads reach individuals most likely in need of roofing services while minimizing wasted ad spending on irrelevant audiences.

#3. Email Marketing 

Email marketing remains an effective channel for reaching potential clients while attending local Chamber of Commerce events and helps network with other business owners in the area. Automated email follow-ups to existing customers or inquiries can result in more leads.

Crafting Engaging Email Newsletters

Creating engaging email newsletters is essential for maintaining contact with your current customer base and attracting new prospects. To achieve this, provide valuable content that addresses common roofing concerns, industry news, or special promotions. Using a reputable email marketing service will help you manage your subscriber list effectively and track key metrics such as open rates and click-through rates.

  • Include helpful tips related to roof maintenance and repair
  • Showcase recent projects completed by your company
  • Promote seasonal offers or discounts on roofing services
  • Add testimonials from satisfied customers to build trust among potential leads

#4. Business Partnerships

Partnering with businesses from complementary industries can help generate new roofing leads. By forming strategic partnerships, you can expand your reach and tap into a wider customer base. Joining industry-related groups can keep you ahead by staying informed about the most recent advancements and networking chances. To form strategic partnerships, consider collaborating with other local businesses that offer home improvement or maintenance services but do not directly compete with your roofing company. Examples include siding contractors, window installers, landscapers, and interior designers. These collaborations can lead to cross-promotions or referrals between companies when customers need multiple services for their homes.

Business Partnerships Get More Roofing Leads
  • Siding Contractors: Partnering with a siding contractor enables both parties to offer comprehensive exterior solutions for homeowners looking to improve curb appeal.
  • Window Installers: Working together with a window installer helps provide energy-efficient upgrades alongside roof repairs or replacements.
  • Landscapers: Collaborating with landscapers ensures clients receive an all-encompassing outdoor makeover that includes both functional and aesthetic improvements.
  • Interior Designers: A roofer and interior designer partnership offers clients seamless coordination of indoor-outdoor living spaces through design continuity.

Participating in Industry-Specific Organizations

Becoming involved in industry-specific organizations like landlord associations or local trade groups can provide valuable networking opportunities and help generate leads for your roofing business. Attending gatherings, workshops, or conventions sponsored by these associations may offer the chance to network with potential customers and other industry pros.

  • Landlord Associations: Joining a local landlord association allows you to connect with property owners who may require regular roofing services for their rental properties.
  • Trade Groups: Participating in trade groups like the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) provides access to resources, training programs, and networking events that benefit your business growth.

In addition to forming partnerships and participating in organizations, optimizing your website for local search is another way to stay ahead of competitors. Implement effective SEO strategies such as targeting location-specific keywords or creating localized content on your site. This will improve visibility among potential customers searching online for roofing services near them.

#5. PPC Advertising 

In today’s competitive roofing industry, leveraging various digital marketing channels to generate more leads is essential. One such effective method is utilizing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, specifically through the Google Ads platform. Engaging potential customers on popular social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram can expand your reach and up the odds of gaining quality roofing leads.

Implementing a Successful Google Ads Campaign

A well-executed Google Ads campaign can significantly boost your online visibility by displaying your ads at the top of search results for relevant keywords. To ensure success in PPC advertising for your roofing business, follow these steps:

  • Select targeted keywords: Choose specific keywords related to your services that potential clients are likely searching for when looking for roofers in their area.
  • Create compelling ad copy: Write attention-grabbing headlines and descriptions that showcase what sets you apart from competitors while also highlighting any special offers or promotions.
  • Leverage location targeting: Focus on reaching local audiences by setting up geo-targeting options within Google Ads so that only users within specified areas see your advertisements.
  • Analyze performance data regularly: Monitor key metrics like click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, cost per lead (CPL), etc., to optimize campaigns continuously based on performance insights gained over time.

#6. Social Media Marketing 

Besides PPC advertising efforts, social media marketing strategies play an important role in attracting potential customers to your roofing business. Here are some effective ways to engage audiences on various social media channels:

  • Facebook: Share informative content, such as blog posts and infographics related to the roofing industry, while promoting special offers or discounts available for a limited time.
  • LinkedIn: Establish yourself as an expert in the field by sharing valuable insights and engaging with other professionals within the industry. Participate in relevant groups or discussions where you can showcase your expertise and connect with potential clients.
  • Instagram: Use visually appealing images of completed projects, behind-the-scenes looks at your team’s work process, or even customer testimonials to highlight your company’s quality services and commitment to client satisfaction.

#7. Direct Mail Advertising for Roofers

Direct mail remains an effective advertising strategy with measurable results if done correctly. Targeted mailing campaigns focused on specific neighborhoods or demographics can generate quality leads for your roofing business. By designing eye-catching direct mail materials and creating targeted mailing lists, you can increase the chances of attracting potential customers needing roofing services. 

Direct Mail Advertising for Roofers

To maximize the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign, it’s crucial to create a targeted mailing list that focuses on homeowners or property managers within a specific area. Utilize Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), offered by USPS, which allows you to select postal routes based on demographic data such as income level, age range, and household size. This way, you’ll be able to reach potential clients who are more likely to require your roofing services.

Designing Eye-Catching Direct Mail Materials

  • Bold Headlines: Capture attention with bold headlines that convey the benefits of hiring your company for their roofing needs.
  • Vibrant Images: Include high-quality images showcasing completed projects or before-and-after shots that demonstrate the value of your work.
  • Credibility Boosters: Highlight any certifications, awards, or affiliations related to roofing.
  • Contact Information: Make sure all contact details like phone number and website URL are visible so interested prospects can easily contact you.
  • Limited-Time Offers: Create urgency by including special offers or discounts only available for a limited time.

#8. Hail Chasing

Hail chasing alone is not enough; combining it with tried-and-true door-knocking techniques maximizes lead generation potential. Once you’ve identified neighborhoods affected by recent storms or hail events, go door-to-door offering free inspections or consultations for homeowners who might need roofing repairs or replacements due to storm damage:

  • Dress professionally and wear branded clothing representing your company.
  • Come prepared with business cards, brochures showcasing previous projects, and other marketing materials highlighting your expertise in handling storm damage repairs.
  • Offer to inspect their roof for free, honestly assessing the damage and explaining how your services can help restore their home’s integrity.

Incorporating these chasing strategies into your overall marketing efforts can significantly increase roofing leads during hail season. By staying informed about weather patterns, proactively contacting affected homeowners, and employing door-knocking techniques, you position yourself as a reliable and trustworthy roofer in times of need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roofing companies acquire customers through various marketing strategies, such as optimizing their website with SEO techniques, leveraging Google Map Pack optimization, engaging in social media marketing, and implementing targeted Facebook ad campaigns and email newsletters. Additionally, attending local networking events and forming strategic partnerships can help generate leads.

To increase your roofing sales, enhance customer service to encourage referrals. After completing a project, educate clients about the roofing process and send personalized thank-you notes. Utilize direct mail advertising by creating targeted mailing lists and designing eye-catching materials. Also, consider collaborating with complementary businesses for cross-promotion opportunities.

Market your roofing business using digital marketing strategies like SEO optimization of your website, Google Ads campaigns targeting specific keywords related to your services or location; social media engagement across platforms like Facebook or Instagram; email marketing that includes informative content for subscribers; participating in industry-specific organizations; attending local networking events.

The best places to advertise a roofing business include online channels such as search engines (using Google Ads) and social media platforms (Facebook ads), alongside traditional methods like direct mail advertising targeting homeowners within your service area. Local newspapers or community bulletin boards may also be effective options depending on the demographics of potential clients in your region.


By implementing the strategies outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of generating more roofing leads for your business. Utilizing Google Map Pack, Facebook Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Direct Mail Marketing, and Hail Chasing can all help to attract potential customers and grow your business.

If you’re looking to take your roofing lead generation efforts to the next level, consider partnering with the project. Our team of experienced digital marketing professionals can craft tailored solutions to help you generate more roofing leads for your business. Contact us today at Optilocal.org to learn more about how we can help you get more roofing leads for your business.

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