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Why You Should Text Your Customers: SMS Marketing Tips

Smartphone ownership is rising, with almost 80% of internet users owning one – making it an essential marketing tool in today’s digital landscape. It’s something 6.57 billion people are already using, one of the best ways to get your message across in the digital age.

In this post, you’ll learn about the benefits of using an sms marketing service and how it can help your business grow.

We’ll look into the different strategies that SMS can be used as part of a wider promotional effort.

SMS Marketing Tips

What is Text Message Marketing ?

What is Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing, also known as SMS (short message service) marketing, enables businesses to contact customers through text messages. It involves sending bulk messages to potential and existing customers to promote products or services. This type of mobile marketing has become increasingly popular due to its ability to reach more people faster than other forms of communication. 

Various sources report SMS open and response rates as high as 98% and 45%, respectively. It is an effective way for businesses to engage with customers and build loyalty. It allows marketers to send personalized messages directly to their target audience, resulting in higher open rates than email or other forms of digital communication. SMS can be utilized for various objectives, from discounts and appointment reminders to customer service inquiries and surveys.

Why Should You Use Text Message Marketing for Your Business?

SMS marketing is an effective way to reach potential customers quickly and easily. It’s a great way to send out timely notifications, offers, reminders, and updates that can be tailored specifically for each customer. Here are some advantages such as:

  • Cost-Effectiveness

One of the main advantages of SMS marketing is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to other channels, like email and social media, sending out an SMS campaign is relatively inexpensive. You don’t have to worry about paying for ads or boosting posts to reach your target audience.

  • High Open Rates

Unlike emails that can get lost in a customer’s inbox, text messages are almost always opened—as long as they’re not spammy. Studies show that open rates for SMS campaigns average around 98%, which means you know that most people who receive your message will read it. This makes it one of the best ways to ensure your message is seen by the right people at the right time.

  • Easy Tracking & Analytics

With analytics tools available today, tracking and analyzing results from an SMS campaign has never been easier. You can easily track metrics such as delivery rate, open rate, clickthrough rate (CTR), conversion rate, and more with just a few clicks. This allows you to quickly identify what works and what doesn’t so you can optimize future campaigns accordingly.

  • Quick Response Time

If you have time-sensitive information to share, SMS is the right medium, as 90% of text messages are opened within three minutes of receipt. Text messages are sent directly to customers’ phones without additional steps (like opening an email). Response times are much quicker than with other channels like email or social media messaging apps. Customers usually respond within minutes or even seconds after receiving a text message—which is great news if you need feedback fast.

  • Targeted Messaging

Finally, because customers must opt-in to receiving texts from businesses before they start getting them (unlike emails where anyone can sign up), this gives businesses more control over who receives their messages and how often they receive them – allowing them to create targeted campaigns tailored specifically towards different segments of their customer base depending on their needs interests, etc. This helps ensure that each person only receives relevant content – resulting in higher engagement rates overall.

  • Flexibility

Reaching out to customers requires different marketing channels, as people have different lifestyles. SMS messaging can be integrated with other marketing channels, such as email or social media campaigns, to produce better results. It also allows businesses to tailor their messages according to customer preferences so they get the most out of each campaign.

Types of SMS Marketing Campaigns

There are many types of text message campaigns, from simple to complex. Here are two of the most effective forms:

#1. Promotional SMS Marketing

Promotional SMS marketing campaigns are designed to generate interest in a product or service. They can include discounts, coupons, and other special offers that entice customers to purchase your products or services. For example, fashion brand Jenni Kayne sent an SMS message with a personalized coupon code and a direct link to their shop page. This type of campaign effectively drives conversions as it provides customers with incentives they can’t ignore.

#2. Transactional SMS Marketing

Transactional SMS messages are sent in response to an event or action taken by the customer. These types of campaigns offer time-sensitive and relevant information, such as appointment reminders, shipping notifications, or password resets. An example of this type of campaign is an order confirmation from an e-commerce purchase like Baking Steel’s, which includes order confirmation, tracking information, and an unsubscribe option. These messages have high open rates due to their timely nature, so they effectively drive conversions when used correctly.

SMS Marketing Strategies 

Ready to start using SMS messages as part of your marketing strategy? Here are some ideas as the following:

  • Send Welcome Messages to new subscribers

Welcome messages are a great way to engage with customers immediately and set the tone for future interactions. A simple “Thank you for subscribing.” can do the trick or include a coupon code or special offer to sweeten the deal. This is an effective strategy that will make your subscribers feel valued and appreciated.

  • Announce New Products

Letting your SMS subscribers know about new product releases is a smart way to generate buzz and interest in your business. Send out an announcement as soon as (or before) it’s available so they can be among the first to check it out. This will encourage people who haven’t purchased from you to come back and see what’s new.

  • Follow Up on Abandoned Shopping Carts

The average cart abandonment rate for e-commerce businesses is 69.82%. A significant amount of potential revenue is being missed. However, you can regain some lost revenue by utilizing SMS marketing. One way to do this is by sending abandoned cart messages to customers who have left items in their online shopping carts.

  • SMS Marketing Best Practices to Follow

SMS marketing is necessary to achieve the highest possible returns from your text message marketing efforts. Here are some best practices to follow:

  • Only Send Texts to Those Who Opted-in

75% of consumers are comfortable getting brand SMS messages if they opt-in. Hence, the first and most important best practice for SMS marketing is sending messages only to those who have explicitly permitted you. This can be done by including an opt-in form on your website or other online channels. To ensure the customer has agreed, it’s a good idea to include an initial text thanking them for subscribing and asking them to confirm their opt-in with a simple reply of “Yes” or “No.”

  • Make it Easy for Customers to Opt-out

Another key factor in successful SMS campaigns is making it easy for customers to stop receiving your texts. Include an unsubscribe option so they can easily remove themselves from your list. This could be as simple as replying “STOP” or “Unsubscribe” directly within the message.

  • Introduce Yourself

When sending out text messages, remember that your message will likely come through as an unknown number, so introduce yourself immediately. We call this SMS branding – adding your brand name at the beginning of each message helps customers recognize who you are immediately and keeps them engaged with your content.

  • Keep Messages Short and to the Point

Finally, when using SMS, remember that there is a maximum of 160 characters per message, so get straight to the point without any unnecessary fluff. If more information needs to be provided, consider using a shortened link customers can follow for more details instead of cramming too much into one single text. When structuring your SMS, use this framework:

  • Company name
  • Customer name
  • Offer or promotion
  • Applicable conditions
  • CTA
  • Opt-out option

 By following these guidelines, you can craft effective SMS marketing initiatives that will captivate customers and assist in expanding your business.

FAQs about SMS Marketing: Why You Should Text Your Customers

Texting your customers is an effective way to reach them with personalized messages quickly. Texting can instantly reach customers with individualized messages, cultivate connections and assurance, construct commitment, and expand customer involvement. Texts can be used for promotional offers or updates on products/services and provide support when needed. Text messaging facilitates sales by offering customers an effortless way to purchase items directly from their phones. Text messaging provides a great opportunity to improve customer experience and make the most of local marketing efforts.

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for local businesses looking to reach their target audience quickly and effectively. SMS marketing lets you send tailored messages to customers, motivating them to interact with your business or product. SMS marketing also has the potential for high open rates due to its immediacy and convenience. With this in mind, SMS marketing can be part of a comprehensive digital strategy that will help boost brand awareness and drive sales.

OptiLocal uses a variety of methods to send marketing messages to customers. These include email campaigns, social media posts, paid advertising on search engines and other websites, content creation such as blog articles and press releases, targeted display ads on relevant websites or platforms, video production for YouTube and other streaming services, local events and promotions in the area where the business operates. All these tactics are used strategically to reach potential customers who may be interested in what the business has to offer.

It allows them to quickly and easily send personalized messages with relevant information, such as special offers or discounts, directly to customers’ phones. To ensure success, businesses should develop a tailored strategy to meet their objectives and preferences. This includes deciding when to send out messages, crafting engaging content that will appeal to the customer base, using segmentation techniques for targeted messaging campaigns, and tracking metrics such as open rates and clickthroughs to analyze performance results from campaigns over time. By utilizing these strategies, businesses can effectively use SMS marketing to engage customers and drive sales.


SMS marketing is a powerful tool for engaging customers and driving sales. By utilizing the broad reach of SMS messages, companies can rapidly and productively connect with their desired demographic interactively. With proper planning, execution, and measurement of campaigns, companies can maximize the potential benefits SMS marketing offers. 

Let OptiLocal help you reach your customers through SMS marketing. Our team of experts will work with you to create an effective and efficient strategy that maximizes customer engagement and drives conversions.

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