SEO News Recap – June 2016


Ready for the June’s SEO News Recap? We’ve wrapped up for you the key insights from SMX Advanced, a couple industry studies aiming to assess local and organic ranking factors; the new trends in the local search and some large scale Google tests that you should definitely keep an eye on. Lay back and educate yourself and thanks for choosing us for your guide in the SEO world!

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Managing a local business could be a challenge, however, ensuring a distinguished online presence for that business – well, now that is an accomplishment worth bragging about.

I believe that there is hardly a local business owner, who will doubt the importance of maintaining prominent local presence in Google search results, but for the sake of the argument let’s support the claim with some industry research stats:

  • 46% of all searches on Google are with local intent;
  • 76% of all local searches result in a phone call;
  • 71% of people look up the business online before they visit it for the first time.

And while Google is not the sole search engine out there, it surely is the most widely used, especially as it comes to its maps app and its local search functionality. Its domination both on desktop and mobile is unparalleled.



Local Search Revolution: Optimizing for Mobile or Automobile

driving-562613_1280 - Copy

Recent years have exposed us to a drastic evolution in the way users perform local search. As customers get more comfortable with the online world, their expectations shift towards data integration across devices such as mobile, desktop, tablet and even newly emerging wearable devices, giving users the scope to freely discover products, services and businesses across channels. Following the movement of digital innovation, automobile technology is a greatly affected player in the evolution, with increased in-car search provoking the need for better-connected cars.

For local businesses, this means expanding local SEO efforts further than simply creating a few business listings and resting on your laurels, waiting for consumers to discover you. In-car search provides a huge opportunity for marketers to expose brands to consumers when the chance of purchase is high. Performing a search on the move could be considered as a signal that users are looking for an instant solution that they are ready to drive to at the moment of search. By understanding local search in-car, local business owners can understand where to focus their local SEO efforts to increase their chance of being found and increase sales.

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The local business citations are a fundamental element of every Local SEO strategy. However, as important the local citations may be, they are kind of an abstract and confusing topic for most of the SMB business owners out there.

In order to aid the less digital-savvy businessmen, in their attempt to understand and improve their local online visibility, we’ve created an infographic on local citations that explains hard-to-grasp SEO terms via the popular Star Wars characters and situations.

So, prepare to follow Fynn’s journey in-between the dark and the light side of the Force and learn:

•    the purpose of the online citations;
•    what does the term ‘inconsistent citations’ mean;
•    how your online citations got inconsistent in first place;
•    and what all this has to do with Star Wars!

Of course having a geeky side to you will definitely help you enjoy the Local SEO Wars infographic, but yet again, if you are interested in Local SEO, I guess that you have that already covered! Enjoy the comic!


Local Citations Infographic

Online Business Listings and Visibility for Healthcare Providers


It is every business’ dream to fully tap into the pool of online opportunities offered by today’s broad digital arena. Customers are increasingly finding products and services online but still, unveiling the potential of the online world is a common challenge for businesses as competition is now fiercer than ever before. For the medical industry, this challenge is no less vivid. 77% of patients used search before booking an appointment, indicating that practitioners who ignore the importance of online visibility and search engine optimization (SEO) are often left at a disadvantage.

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This year’s joint efforts of Moz and Local U resulted into a fascinating new edition of the MozCon Local series. This highly regarded local marketing conference gathered a star team of speakers, who discussed intricate topics, ranging from local content creation, local link building, business citation management, email and app hacks, brand building, team management, social media strategizing and … well, let’s see from up-close, shall we?

The following infographic of the MozCon Local 2016 features the best slide deck quotes from the event. We have divided the valuable speakers’ tips into 5 main categories: Mobile SEO, Online Mentions, Content, Technical and Brand Building. Enjoy!


For the more curious of you below we have summarized the major concepts and tips offered by the speakers in their MozCon Local slide decks. So if you haven’t been to the conference and you don’t have time to go over each presentation slide-by-slide, let us brief you on the essentials of the event:



SEO News Recap – February 2016


Hi guys, here’s the February edition of our SEO News Recap. And even if the month has been rather short, there are many interesting news from the digital marketing world that we can’t wait to share with you! So let’s cut to the case:

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All You Want For Christmas is a SEO Service Discount



Santa is coming to town to help your business rank for industry terms and geographic location!

We know that businesses often struggle to find the best ways to attain search visibility so we’ve decided to give out the most useful gifts this year! We invite you to play a quiz for an opportunity to win coupons for exciting discounts on Local SEO Services!

You will find three categories of questions assigned to three different services that you can play for!

Need more than one? Not a problem! We welcome you to play for all services offered!

Here are the services that we have prepared gifts for this Christmas!


Outrank your local competitors by taking advantage of our Local SEO Services. What does this include?

Citation Audit: Your business has recently changed name, phone number and address or it’s simply too burdensome to keep track of your local citations? Our elves will manually uncover your business citations and let you know if there are any flaws.

Citation Audit + Cleanup: Adding to the spice of Citation Audit, in this dual combo we detect and fix all inaccurate data about your business. The gift that you receive will result in higher local rankings and wider customer reach. Joy!

Citation Building: Start fresh with a clean, high quality citation profile that will have a positive influence on your local rankings!

Onsite SEO: Our elves will get you on Google’s good side. Laying healthy website foundations will allow you to befriend search engines and get the clients you are after! Everything from structure to content – we’ve got it covered!


Our elves have reported that many of you feel like the search traffic you’ve wished for is nowhere near! Your competitors always seem to get the customers they want while you remain in the shadows of Google’s pages. Our team of dedicated SEO Audit experts can diagnose the weak and unhealthy parts of your website and understand how they have influenced rankings. In no time you will have a vision of where you stand in comparison to your competitors and a brand new strategy for improving your rankings!


You’re not sure if you’ve been good or bad with your online marketing this year and would like to see what you’ve missed? Or maybe you’ve been stuck on a specific question and would like to hear an expert’s opinion? Don’t you worry! Our elves will be delighted to share some knowledge with you! Benefit from a two hour SEO Consultation to see if you are getting the maximum return on your efforts and if not, what you can do to turn the tables in your favour.

These could all be in your Christmas bag of SEO!

All you have to do is answer a question correctly.
Fear not, rules and clues are there to guide you!


Cold Content Soup is Never a Good Idea – 8 Risks of Failing at Content Strategy

Medieval (8)



“Content is the reason search began in the first place”
Lee Odden

With the unbelievably dynamic and diverse competition nowadays and the fact that Content’s Kingdom is about to evolve further in 2016, we will surely be needing a Master Content Strategy plan to be able to work the SEO magic and stay on top of search results.

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SEO News Recap – November 2015


Hi guys, counting the days before Christmas already?

A lot of distractions these days: starting with Black Friday and the upcoming shopping for Christmas trees and presents; you might have easily missed on some important industry news or discussions.

Not to worry, we are here to fill you in on what’s been happening in the past month in the world of SEO. We’ve wrapped up the past November news into the following main categories:

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Best Slide Deck Quotes From BrightonSEO 2015

The latest edition of BrightonSEO took place in mid-September 2015 and given the great content that was shared and discussed there, we’ve decided to fill you in on the BEST SLIDE DECK QUOTES of the event. For quick navigation to the respective quotes you can click on the speakers’ photos from above:


SEO News Recap – October 2015


Hi there, SEO addicts! Have you heard that this October Google revealed why his ranking algorithms are getting harder to account for: get the popcorns ‘cause we will introduce you to Google’s AI project, the RankBrain!

This month Google is spreading his influence not only in the machine learning field but in the SERPs of other search engines just as effectively. And while Yahoo is becoming a monetization platform for Google, the most influential competitor of the search giant is sending off for good its publicly beloved leader. But getting sentimental about Danny Sullivan’s leave is absolutely futile. The rumor has it he is considering turning to the ‘Dark Side’ and becoming a regular SEO consultant just like many ex-Googlers have done so far.

So what else happened this October in SEO? Don’t worry, curiosity may have killed the cat, but let’s not forget that “satisfaction brought it back!”

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SEO News Recap – July 2015


Here’s the first edition of our monthly news digest devoted to the world of online marketing. In case you don’t have time to keep tabs on everything that’s going on in the SEO industry, going through this concise and info packed recap will definitely come in handy.

Let’s have a look at this month’s news!


New Generic TLDs Are NOT a Ranking Factor

Google rarely provides us with direct intel about their ranking factors. Nevertheless, just recently, they’ve published a post on the Webmaster Central Blog that clarifies misconceptions about new gTLDs and their influence on rankings.

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Interview with Bill Slawski


Internet marketing landscape has become so demanding and highly competitive these days, while the almighty Google still keep tweaking their algorithms in their constant strive to improve the quality of search results.

To have a closer look at the industry trends, we have invited Bill Slawski for a chat. Any introduction of this highly respected industry veteran would be redundant as the name Bill Slawski is associated by the majority in the filed with infallible expertise, acute interest and understanding of Google patents and special preference towards Google’s semantic search growth.

So here he is, friends, the president and founder of one of the leading SEO blogs: SEO by the Sea, the friendly soul that ruthlessly dissects every new patent Google attempts to apply for or to add to their vast patent library, give it up for Bill Slawski!

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Get More Followers on LinkedIn: 12+ Useful Tactics for SMBs

Q: What’s LinkedIn?
A: The world’s biggest database of business professionals.
Q: What are they doing at LinkedIn?
A: Looking for jobs, clients, consultants, partnerships, and growth opportunities. In short, they are there for business.

LinkedIn is, without any doubt, the most effective Social Media platform for business networking, probably the only one, where you don’t need to think of “angles” or “hooks” to promote your business, because it’s tailor-made for B2B marketing.

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Google Prompts Its Users For a Privacy Checkup

Everyone is racing to show up high in Google search results, but have you ever imagined what it would be like to get featured on Google’s home page?

OK, back to reality, guys – for better or worse that place is reserved for Google Products only! And as much as we are all used to the neat and simplistic blank page with the way too familiar Google logo and a search bar, we, as sworn Internet junkies, quickly discern any change of design the page may undergo.

So, here it is! The latest featured link on Google’s homepage, from 18 June, redirected us to the comprehensive Google Privacy Settings page. Below you could read a very useful and easy-to-follow walkthrough for the rabbit hole of Google privacy settings.


But before we go there, it would be quite useful to discuss the general stand of Google on privacy and to try to understand the basics of Google Search.


Being a personalized search engine, Google’s goal is to best define each of its users’ interests and preferences like favorite topics, sources of information, bloggers, and online businesses. Continue reading “Google Prompts Its Users For a Privacy Checkup”


Get More Followers on Twitter: 8+ Useful Tactics for SMBs

According to a recent study, conducted by Twitter, 43% of people will buy from the SMBs they follow on Twitter, and 60% have already made a purchase based on something they’ve read on Twitter about the given product or service.

Twitter has surely picked up lately. It now has more than 302 million active users and hosts almost 500 million tweets every day.

Recently, Twitter has introduced a number of advertising and targeting solutions for brands and businesses (e.g. 1, 2, 3). As a matter of fact the organic reach on Twitter is much higher than that on Facebook. Businesses tweeting two or three times a day can reach up to 30% of their followers, while the same posting activity on Facebook will result in the measly 3% – 4% audience reach.

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Get More Followers on Facebook: 10+ Useful Tactics for SMBs

Currently there are 1.39 billion monthly and about 890 million daily active users on Facebook (source: Facebook).

But don’t let the overwhelming size of the community fool you. All these numbers don’t mean a thing if your business page doesn’t have sufficient likes or fans.

Social media marketing can help you build trust and credibility. It can help you engage potential customers, and convert them into clients. It can also help you stay on top of your customers’ minds. But all that is possible only if you manage to build and maintain your fan base of target customers.

Our main goal behind creating the following guide is simple: we wish to help small businesses get more likes and followers on Facebook. So let’s go over the following 10 tried and tested methods and learn how to successfully attract new followers.

1. Setup: Laying the Right Foundation:

  • Select the proper page type. Each Facebook Page format comes with a different set of fields and subpages. Usually the best fit for your business will be the “Local Business or Place” page because you need to add info like “About”, “Hours of Operation”, “Parking Details” or “Price Range”.

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Reputation Management Tips For Branded Search: Dominate 1st Page of Google SERPs for Your Brand Name


Reputation management is an essential part of one’s marketing strategy. Unfortunately with the technology taking leap after leap and the Internet becoming our second nature, managing a given company’s online reputation has become a huge challenge, to put it mildly.

Online reputation management is a complicated endeavor that requires great interpersonal skills and strategic planning. It often focuses on monitoring company’s mentions in online publications, in random conversations on the social networks or in review sites. However, detecting a company mention is only the beginning of the reputation management process. You are then to assess the sentiment of the particular mention and decide whether you prefer to encourage this opinion and popularize it among your peers or if you would rather exercise some damage control and silence (try to alleviate and compensate) the enraged customer. Continue reading “Reputation Management Tips For Branded Search: Dominate 1st Page of Google SERPs for Your Brand Name”


Private vs Personalized Search Duck Duck Go vs Google – OptiLocal’s New Infographic

Online privacy is a serious issue that is quickly gaining popularity nowadays. Our right to privacy as online users has gradually been violated by targeted surveillance or simple data collection acts performed by governments, enterprises and individuals.

In days when Internet is considered by many to be Google’s formal alias, we’ve decided to look into the modern society’s privacy concerns related to online browsing and surfing. For the purpose of this experiment we have created a detailed infographic that compares the worldwide leading search engine Google and the less popular privacy-focused search engine Duck Duck Go.

The study covers various privacy-related issues like: search engine transparency policies, ads and monetizing, ads targeting, localized results, major concerns and much more. You’ll even have a chance to take a glimpse at the results of the 2014 Privacy Data Survey conducted by SurveyMonkey. The infographic will lead you through the major differences between the two search engines both in terms of general functionalities and SERPs layout.

Having skimmed through all this data, you’d be able to recognize the essential threats and opportunities that a personalized search offers to its users, as well as the pros and cons of the private search & the no-data-collection policy . Enjoy the infographic and make sure to share you thoughts with us in the comments below!

Ten Robust Reasons to Add a Blog to Your Business Website


Blogs were initially launched as a kind of online diary or journal where individuals would keep an account of their day-to-day activities, but the idea took off big-time. Today, blogs are among the most common types of websites. Blogging offers something for everyone, from professionals to celebrities, and from small businesses to large corporations.

Adding a blog to your business website can open up a world of opportunities. In fact, a business blog with quality content can be one of the best online assets that your small business can have. Continue reading “Ten Robust Reasons to Add a Blog to Your Business Website”


What Are Nofollow Links Good For?


You know well the cost of a good dofollow link, right? What is the common input that a fine dofollow link chase would include:

  • long hours of research on a selected topic
  • great writing skills to eloquently express your idea
  • muchpersistence to uncover the most suitable audience for your completed post
  • the art of a true diplomatas to persuade the webmaster of the selected site to share your content with his readers
  • patience – to survive all of the rewrites that your new editor will request.

Note that this list outlines the process of guest posting at high authority websites only. What if you are to create a unique top quality infographic instead? You’d need to expand on: the skills (art&design), the outreach stage (you’d need to present your infographic to a vast number of suitable medias instead of contacting a single blog owner), the time and resources related to the project.

And you go through all this trouble for a single inbound link from an authority website. On the publishing day you feverishly type or paste the url to your fresh new post in your browser and…. Bam! Your in-post link has been assigned a NOFOLLOW attribute.

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A Sudden Website Traffic Drop: 15+ Reasons and Ways to Diagnose Them


Imagine you own a nice shop in a mall and your store used to be abuzz with business activities and visitors throughout the day. Then one fine morning, you wake up and find out that your store was teleported to some deserted place by some paranormal force, and suddenly you find yourself with hardly any customers whatsoever.

Sounds like such a sudden change is quite impossible in the real world. Right? Wrong.

Welcome to the World Wide Web, where your website traffic can take a nosedive due to various reasons, and with that, your chances of generating leads or sales, or getting any kind of benefits from your website.

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24 SEO Experts Reveal their Favorite Google Penalty Recovery Tools

Google Penalties whether algorithmic or manual hide a huge potential threat for each business. The road towards recovery is not always so straightforward as we all would like it to be. There are a lot of details to consider when auditing your website for flaws and signs of issues that could violate Google guidelines. It is hard to account for all those elements on your own, thus we have asked the top 25 experts in the field to reveal a secret shortcut to handling Google penalties.

Each expert has shared with us a set of tools that s/he uses to “cure” a website from deindexation. Bellow we have listed their tips: every single one of our respondents has developed a recovery methodology of their own, though many of them have similar tool set preferences. Learn from their wisdom and experience, revive your penalized business website and enjoy rejuvenated traffic flow and updated rankings.

If you are curious to see the final results of this Expert Roundup you could scroll to the bottom of the post and check out the whole list of tools mentioned by the experts that we have ranked by popularity (the number of instances the tool has been mentioned by our respondents).

This roundup was conducted thanks to the joined efforts of our team at OptiLocal and our friend Nabeel Tanveer. Nabeel is a seasoned SEO strategist with 6 years of experience in the web marketing field. He is the founder and editor of Search Engine Lead and we are really glad to have him onboard for this massive roundup.

We have selected well-respected and experienced specialists in the field that could offer reliable and up-to-date guidance throughout the Google penalty recovery process. We appreciate that they accepted our roundup invitation and decided to share with you their wisdom and knowledge. Here’s what they said…

Marketing Festival – Brno, Czech Republic – Day 2

Jan Řezáč @janrezac

I don’t like that website!

Jan Řezáč  I don't like that website

Jan was the second Czech representative at the Marketing Festival. He delivered really charismatically his take on the purpose of visual design. At the end of his lecture he provided this online resource. This interactive page expands his slides into a truly well-designed written presentation (please, check it out – it’s really cool). By being consistent with his words and actions this adds more value and meaning to the point he wanted to make with his lecture. Continue reading “Marketing Festival – Brno, Czech Republic – Day 2”


Marketing Festival – Brno, Czech Republic, Day 1

Marketing Festival 1

Marketing Festival truly lives up to its slogan “World-Class Digital Marketing Event.” Two days packed of inspiring and informative presentations, the best of the best speakers in their fields from all over the world and drinking quality Czech beer after the conference…

Marketing Festival really stood out with the level of preparedness and organization that the MF team worked hard to achieve. I would compare it to the MozCon event and put it in my top 3 marketing conference events.

Thanks to the MF team for providing this great event. Here’s our summary of day 1.

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PubCon Las Vegas 2014 – Sessions Overview Day 1

1 PubCon and Las Vegas make up for a pretty tempting combination for all digital marketers out there. Given that gambling often resembles SEOs’ constant struggle to predict and outsmart search engine algorithms, Las Vegas is the perfect place to organize an SEO conference. Already in its teens (15 year old) PubCon attracts experts in variety of digital marketing fields: Organic SEO, Content Marketing, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Link Building, Affiliate Marketing, Penalty Recovery, Local and Mobile SEO, PPC and overall SEM. The content offered is massive, the session topics – hot and engaging, the speakers – knowledgeable and respected in their field, but enough with the tease lets move on to Day 1 of PubCon 2014! Continue reading “PubCon Las Vegas 2014 – Sessions Overview Day 1”


Interview with David Wallace – The World of Infographics

David WallanceIn today’s interview with David Wallace  we are to discuss the power of the visual content, the good, bad and scalable infographic campaigns, some infographic distribution options, various online reputation management and negative PR escape plans, and much more! We are pleased to have David Wallace with us, sharing so many interesting insights on a topic so widely discussed in the digital marketing field.

David is the founder and CEO of SearchRank  – a search & social media marketing agency, as well as the founder of Infographic Journal –  а top infographic  portal. He is a conference speaker (PubCon, Search Marketing Expo and Search Engine Strategies, etc.) and a blog editor and contributor and to give away his secret passion before he has said to keep quiet about it, he is devoted roller-coaster fan! His enthusiasm for high-speed adrenaline rides is equally genuine as his interest in infographics, so read on and takes notes for your next content creation project that will involve infographics. Continue reading “Interview with David Wallace – The World of Infographics”

Rule The Local Search Results – the Infographic

As most of you local entrepreneurs have already figured out, creating a website and a Facebook page for your business alone won’t be enough to ensure satisfactorily site traffic and conversions. The revenue earned through online sales may still remain scarce and your website visits often would be rather disappointing.

Don’t give in to desperation just yet: there is much you can do! You can improve your rankings in the local search results and boost your business online visibility if you put some effort in it. Of course this process will require time and persistence, but ,hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right!

We have prepared a detailed guide for you that easily explains what you should pay attention to and what factors you should closely monitor. Read carefully, take notes and of course, in case you have any questions, just share these with us in the comments.

And now sit back and learn how you could Rule the Local Results!

Optilocal Infographic Rule the Local Results

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You Ask, We Answer: July 17, 2014

People Are Not Clicking On My Website – What Should I Do?

This Friday we are  delving into the beauty industry. Nelle  was brave enough to share with us her traffic concerns regarding her skincare online store Scentrelle. Here are some interesting optimization tips that a business owner in her shoes should definitely take into account.

Meanwhile, if you are having any questions yourself and you can’t seem to resolve them, you could always drop us a line and ask for an advice.  Just like Nelle did:

Q: I would like to ask the difference between why a search term/key word that is prevalent in my website will be searched in Google but why users do not click on my website. Is it too far down the search page? Is the description for my website not catchy enough?
Continue reading “You Ask, We Answer: July 17, 2014”

Interview with Nick Garner – The Online Reputation Management Dilemma

In times when the Internet has a huge impact on brand image, customers’ buying decisions and eventually business sales, investing in online reputation management has become a must for any self-respecting company. To address this need to stay in line with the ever-changing marketing strategies, today we have invited the SEO expert in online marketing communications, the founder of 90 Digital, Nick Garner. Read carefully and learn your way through the intricacies of online brand popularization and reputation management. You’d also have the chance to hear some invaluable tips on link building, competitor research,  profile spam, some specifics on defining the proper link acquisition rate and … well, let’s see shall we. Continue reading “Interview with Nick Garner – The Online Reputation Management Dilemma”

You Ask, We Answer: June 27, 2014

Launching a New Online Retail Business – How to Rank?

Today we will discuss the challenges that a new online business faces when trying to rank in the organic results. This week question was sent by David Goudie. He shared with us his frustration of not being able to get much traffic for his new online business, so we have decided to feature his question and answer it accordingly.

If after reading the post you still have some questions that were not addressed, you could send them our way. Who knows you might get featured on the next Friday Q&A session! But let’s get back to David and his specific question:

Q: We have recently launched a new online retail business at are by no means SEO experts, but we have run a few other sites before and managed to rank quite well organically for our key products and phrase (for the most part by good, relevant content).

We followed the same philosophy for sleepmajor adding lots of good relevant content. We hoped that we would start to organically rank across our range, but we are really struggling. We checked with webmaster tools and whilst we did have some errors to start with, they are now clear (I think). Still, we are getting next to zero organic search traffic to the site. We are like a new shinny shop on the street, but know one can see us or are interested to step inside.

I’ll love a expert review to help us on where to focus to improve. On site front end stuff, back end stuff, or off site links in??

Continue reading “You Ask, We Answer: June 27, 2014”

SAScon 2014 – the Fifth Search Analytics Social Conference in Manchester (Day 1 Recap)

The 2014 SASCon edition gathered a number of SEO rock stars, striving digital marketers, PR specialists, journalists and local businesses. The two day SEO conference attracted a lot of reputed speakers, who were eager to share ideas with the rest of the attendees. It was a cozy event with an estimated several hundred delegates that has promise and ambitions to grow in the future. Here is a glimpse of some of the sessions in Day One that we attended and the valuable takeaways that one should definitely remember. Continue reading “SAScon 2014 – the Fifth Search Analytics Social Conference in Manchester (Day 1 Recap)”

The Latest Google Places Makeover – Welcome to Google My Business

Google Finally Releases a User-Friendly Interface for Its Local Business Pages

On Wednesday Google announced the roll-out of a huge update aimed to terminate the old Google Places as we know it.

The new Google My Business is said to be just a dashboard improvement, however it brings us a much more significant change: the long-awaited integration of all products that Google has designed for the local business is now on. Both business owners and local SEOs have been experiencing the shortcomings of maintaining both the social and the local Google pages in the pursuit of improving their brand visibility on Google. When Google decided to merge the two types of company pages (social and local) a new wave of problems aroused. The automatically created duplicate social pages seemed like a real nightmare to the confused business owners. Hopefully with the latest Google Places makeover all those challenges will be left behind.

But let’s see what Google My Business is all about: Continue reading “The Latest Google Places Makeover – Welcome to Google My Business”


You Ask, We Answer: May 30, 2014

How to optimize my website for a selected keyword?

Are you in a lazy Friday mood? Then take a breath, lean back and forget about your piling work for a moment. Sometimes the solution to your troubles is right in front of you. If you are running out of ideas on how to improve your rankings for the selected key phrases, then read on. Today’s post will focus on establishing credibility and encouraging online referrals and you don’t want to miss on that.

The questions that we will cover were sent by Jacob Lang and are tailored to the needs of his website. If you wish to take part in our Friday Q&A session, you simply have to email us and share the issue that you are concerned with. We might select your question and discuss it in a detailed post, just like the one that you are about to read. And here comes Jacob’s questions, actually:

Q: I’m working to optimize my website based on the key phrase “direct mail advertising”. I’ve done keyword research and found this to be a viable option. What I’m trying to do is generate enough viable back links to my site to be recognized and more credible according to Google. What is the best way to go about this?

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You Ask, We Answer: May 23, 2014

How to ensure that your website is in full compliance with Google standards?

This Friday we are about to delve deeper into Google’s quality guidelines in order to be on the safe side when improving the quality of our website or blog. The idea for today’s Q&A post was sent to us by Lauren Witte the Associate Director of Marketing & Client Services at the Mesa, AZ law firm, JacksonWhite. We thank him for the interesting suggestion and we welcome all of our readers to take part in this open Q&A series and send us their questions with a subject You Ask, We Answer. The most interesting questions will be selected, featured and answered on this blog, so feel free to join our Friday discussion.

And now let’s see the original question that Lauren sent us:

Q: How can you evaluate your website to ensure that you are in full compliance of Google standards?

Continue reading “You Ask, We Answer: May 23, 2014”


The Innovative Local Reviews Aggregator WhoDoYou Brings Up the Social Referrals on the Table

local serachesDo you try to keep a steady positive review profile of your local business? Do you encourage your satisfied customers to leave you a testimonial on Google+, Yelp and Angie’s List? Of course you do, you are diligently looking after your online brand, company image and respectfully – your local rankings. And while Google have mentioned that their ranking algorithms do not take into account the Facebook social signals, the worldwide social network gradually brings in more and more tools that help the local business owner get in touch with new customers and learn about their predisposition toward his brand and company.

Creating a local page for your business and, of course, encouraging customer reviews on Facebookis only a small part of how you can use the social media to your advantage. And even if your efforts won’t be automatically granted with high rankings in the SERPs, you would probably focus on the most influential advertising approach that has never failed to work “the word of mouth”. Because that’s what people do on Facebook, right, chat, rant, gossip, exchange info on experiences and impressions. Facebook practically represents a rich referral network that has a great potential to become a universal ambassador of your brand. Continue reading “The Innovative Local Reviews Aggregator WhoDoYou Brings Up the Social Referrals on the Table”


You Ask, We Answer: May 9, 2014

What are the SEO basics that the Small Business Owners and Managers should keep in mind?

Our Friday Q&A post will discuss several issues that Jennifer Martin, a San Francisco Business Coach at Zest Business Consulting, was so kind to draw our attention to.  Jennifer helps worldwide business managers and leaders build a thriving business and she has a pretty clear idea of the common difficulties they go through. Today we will try to shed some light over those grey areas in online marketing that most business owners struggle with.

If you wish to take part in our Friday Q&A session, just send us your question. If it is really intriguing, we may consider featuring it and answer it in details for all our readers to learn from – just like we did with Jennifer’s questions. Here are the topics she was particularly interested in:


Q: I’ve heard that Google is now penalizing websites with lower rankings if they have established backlinks with non-reputable websites. How can I find out if some of my backlinks are hurting me instead of helping me?

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Interview with Benjamin Beck – Link Harvesting and Link Building Essentials

Having a clean and natural inbound link profile is a problem that practically every business owner faces. We had the chance to talk to the much creative and respected SEO consultant, Benjamin Beck, who shared a number of valuable insights and tactics that work on the link building arena.

Ben is currently preparing a course on Link Harvesting and we got the chance to take a peek at some of the hot topics that he will go over with his future online marketing “students”. Are you growing impatient and do you want to learn more? Just scroll down and get to the interview already!


Nevyana: Rumor has it that you are preparing a course for Link Building – however when looking through your website I had the impression that you are planning to release a  book on link harvesting – are the book and the course one and the same thing or you are currently working on several projects at the same time?

Benjamin: Yes, it is the same thing. I started up thinking it should be a book and then I realized that a course could be more of a step-by-step guide that I can update easier if I want to add something or if a new strategy comes out . The course is a more of a long term thing. So yeah, it’s a course in Link Harvesting actually. Continue reading “Interview with Benjamin Beck – Link Harvesting and Link Building Essentials”

You Ask, We Answer: April 25, 2014

Organic rankings stagnation – is this a temporary thing?

Hi everyone, in this week’s Q&A series we will take a peek at the movie industry. Stanley Meytin from True Film Production contacted us and asked us to shed some light on why his organic rankings fail to improve lately despite his company’s constant SEO efforts.  We have listed some interesting insights that he and some of you could take advantage of and change the online visibility of your business for the better.

If you’re also facing some kind of ranking hardships or your online presence suffers a setback, let us know. We’ll feature the most interesting questions in our weekly Q&A series  and will show you an easy-to-follow way to resolve your problem on your own.

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You Ask, We Answer: April 18, 2014

Not Ranking On Page One for Any of the Desired Keywords

Hi guys, here comes the second entry to our Q&A series where we address the online marketing questions of our readers. Whenever you have hard times popularizing your website online or you need a quick tip about the best SEO practices used for your industry, you can can drop us a line. We may select your question and give you some great insights for your online marketing strategy.

It’s that simple: you ask, we answer! And now let the Q&A begin: Continue reading “You Ask, We Answer: April 18, 2014”


You Ask, We Answer: April 11, 2014

A Sudden Drop in Rankings Due to Penguin Unfriendly Techniques

Hi guys, here come our new series of Friday articles that we’ll dedicate to your specific questions. You need a quick tip or advice on your local listing, your backlink profile or an onsite malfunction that you cannot handle? Drop us a line and let us know about it.

We will select the most curious questions and will publish them along with a quick explanation and advice on how you should proceed. It’s that simple: you ask, we answer! So let the Q&A begin: Continue reading “You Ask, We Answer: April 11, 2014”

What Constitutes a Natural Backlink Profile and How Important is Anchor Text ?

As we all should know by now, backlinks are one of the most important factors that determine rankings in the search results. It’s just like in real life – the more connections you have the more likely you are to succeed. But like human relationships, these links from other websites are not all equal. For instance, if you are a business man operating in the textile industry and you happen to know the head of Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), this is a great connection that will bring you many benefits. Your classmate from high school, Jenny, on the other hand, is the owner of a small flower shop in the neighborhood. You’re still glad you have her as a connection, because she prepares lovely bouquets for special occasions, but she doesn’t do you any good when it comes to business. The same goes for links – it’s all about relevancy and authority. Continue reading “What Constitutes a Natural Backlink Profile and How Important is Anchor Text ?”


Why Unpersonalized Search Grows in Popularity – Is DuckDucKGo The Future of Search

Highly personalized search is one of the key services that Google takes pride in offering to its users. Even though Yahoo and Bing are lagging behind, they try to follow Google’s lead in improving their custom search results too. The constant improvement of the personalized search has definitely facilitated countless people. However, it seems that a significant number of online users has decided against giving away their personal data and have opted for a less intrusive web search alternative. Continue reading “Why Unpersonalized Search Grows in Popularity – Is DuckDucKGo The Future of Search”


Google Penalizes a Guest Blog Community Forum – an Attempt to Impose Fear of Guest Posting Altogether?

A couple of days ago, on March 19, 2014, a popular website that gathers an online community of guest bloggers was hit and penalized by Google. The search engine’s official public announcement quotes: “Today we took action on a large guest blog network. A reminder about the spam risks of guest blogging:”.

This led to a massive discussion on Twitter and as Rae Hoffman guessed right it was the My Blog Guest that Google wiped out from its SERPs that day. The controversial opinions on the issue lead to some pretty curious questions and stands: some were favoring Google’s manual action; others were expressing their support towards the affected website owner Ann Smarty. Truth be told, it would be rather naïve to accept this case as a simple piece of news and ignore the underlying reason why Google have decided to penalize this particular site and practically publicize its action on the same day. Continue reading “Google Penalizes a Guest Blog Community Forum – an Attempt to Impose Fear of Guest Posting Altogether?”


GoDaddy Website Builder and SEO? Don’t Even Bother!

As the title suggests, this blog post describes our experience with GoDaddy Website Builder (regardless of its version – “Personal”, “Business” or “Business Plus”) while we were trying to improve the onsite SEO of a client. Its purpose is not to hurt GoDaddy’s reputation but rather to help small business owners realize that GoDaddy’s Website Builder is not the content management system (CMS) that is appropriate for achieving the salient online presence that is so vital for small businesses’ survival in this highly competitive age.

As usual, during our preliminary analysis of our client’s situation, we made a list of issues that needed action. To name a few, the robots.txt file was not configured properly, there were two versions of the home page and one needed to be 301-redirected to the other, there was no implemented to markup our client’s business data, reviews and products, no map pointing to the Google+ Local listing was embedded, etc. Continue reading “GoDaddy Website Builder and SEO? Don’t Even Bother!”

Google’s Transparency Issues Due to Users’ Indifference?

We all wish to keep up with Google’s algo modifications and tweaks, however often the changes become visible only quite a while after their actual introduction.

Many attempt to foresee or at least detect the fluctuations of Google’s ranking algorithm in real time. Tools like MozCast and the Local Weather at 51blocks could be quite fascinating and could easily tempt us to base our future forecast on their stats, but the truth is that we are no crystal gazers and at the end of the day, we all learn by our own mistakes. Team Google seems to have settled for a pretty convenient strategy of act first –disclose later. They make sure to employ the planned innovations first, then assess how those changes are being adopted and only after that they confirm that a certain change has taken effect. Continue reading “Google’s Transparency Issues Due to Users’ Indifference?”


Google+ Local Listings Update In Action

In early February 2014 the Google Places Team gave the local business community a heads up on an upcoming change in Google Places for Business and Google Maps that was said to take place within a 3 week period. Today – a month later – the issue with the upgrade to the new Google Places dashboard still creates much turmoil among the Google+ Local Listing owners. In order  to eliminate any confusion yesterday Jade Wang, Google Business Community Manager, posted in Google’s Product Forum a detailed explanation of the actions a given business owner needs to take in order to address Google’s local listing update. Continue reading “Google+ Local Listings Update In Action”


Win SEO Services for 1 Month!

Starting March 1st we are offering you a chance to win a FREE SEO service for your website!

Our grand prize is a full onsite optimization service for one whole month. We are also offering 3 runner-up prizes – Google Local Listing Optimization service offered by our in house local SEO experts! We are giving away these great prizes to those of you who like our Facebook page and subscribe to our brand new Local SEO Newsletter. End date for entering the contest is April 15th. Prizes will be drawn on the 16th and the winners will be notified via email and also publicly announced on our Facebook page.

Win SEO Grand Prize
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How to Get Rid of Low-quality Links (for Beginners)?

1. Introduction

If you have been operating in a highly competitive niche and have spent considerable time on building your online presence, hopefully you are achieving some results in terms of your visibility. You might, however, also make your situation worse and lose even whatever unsatisfactory rankings you already had. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, one of which is having acquired low-quality backlinks. Search engines penalize websites with such backlinks in their profile because they view them as such trying to manipulate their ranking algorithms rather than such that were acquired for merit as they are supposed to. In this post we will briefly discuss possible reasons for having acquired low-quality links, list some examples of such, what type of penalties they can lead to and finally how to try and get rid of these. Having in mind the vastness of the topic, I hope that this is a good starting point for your research.

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The Dangers of Citation Directory Networks

Importance of citations and a clean citation profile

A solid foundation of citations can significantly boost the local ranking of a business. In fact, citations are among the top ranking factors as determined by the Local SEO experts in this 2013 survey organized by David Mihm. In order to send even more location- and/or niche-specific signals to Google to help you achieve a competitive advantage in the local rankings, you can boost your citation profile with listings in location-specific (here just called ‘local’) and industry-specific(here called ‘niche’) directories.

Citations can have a great positive impact on your local rankings but if not done properly – for example if the directories where your business is listed are of poor quality – they can also hurt you. There is a huge number of factors that can make a directory a good or a bad choice. Here I’ll discuss directory networks and more specifically how some networks can present a good source for your local citations, while others must be avoided at all costs.

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Google Adding Over 1,000 Categories in the new Places Dashboard

This Saturday Google announced in the Google and Your Business product forum that they are working on adding over 1,000 business categories in the new Places dashboard.

If you had to set up a Google+ account for your business or for one of your clients’, chances are that you had some trouble picking the categories you really needed. I’ve been seeing people struggling with finding the right category in the dashboard, especially for newer and not so well-established professions like ‘Professional Organizer’.
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Useful Metrics for Assessing a Link Building Prospect: Don’t Follow Domain Authority or Google’s PageRank Stats Blindly – Conduct a Thorough Research Instead

What Useful Info You Could Find in The Following Post:

  • Learn how to use metrics like PR and DA for prospect assessing
  • Learn PR and DA limitations
  • How to use PR to verify the trustworthiness of the DA score and vice versa
  • How to verify your prospect assessment with Majestic SEO
  • Understanding Majestic’s Trust Flow and Citation Flow

One of the major steps of a Link Building project is selecting the best opportunity for your website. Thus assessing the worth of the available prospects is a must if you are to successfully boost the online presence of your business.

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Automating your Link Building Practices or How to Definitely Screw up Your Blogger Outreach

“The point is not how we use a tool, but how it uses us.”

― Nick Joaquín, Culture and History


As technology advances in complexity and scope we are always trying to cut corners and outsource our tasks to the overwhelming variety of SEO tools available on the market. Guess what: Link Building and especially Guest Blogging is the one SEO process that you should definitely refrain from automating.

Guest blogging focuses on the personal approach and as such it does take time and detailed research. While it does require creativity and patience, it is a powerful tool towards building a quality backlink profile for your site. Inbound links are an important ranking factor, part of the search engines’ algorithm. Thus you should go for a strategy that brings long-term benefits. In the case of Guest Blogging this means investing your time in building mutually beneficial relationships with bloggers. And this is something no current tool can help you out with. Here are three common misconceptions about Guest Blogging that you should cross out from your agenda:

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